How much does a golden retriever cost

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I am looking for a male golden retriever so my daughter can play with someone so i am going to write below what i am looking for in the puppy that i want to buy. oh and i live in texas like a hour from taylor, texas.

male - young - 9 weeks or a little bit older - and his parents well i well like them to be purebred but if not that is ok but i want to know everything about the puppy parents.

Update: my daughter is just 1/2 so yeah i am just trying to find her a friend.

Update 2: oh and why i want a golden retriever is because they are great pets and i use to have one when i was little so yeah.
How much does a golden retriever cost
How much does a golden retriever cost

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A dog is a lifetime commitment - after your daughter goes off to college, the dog will still be there and still need care. You need to understand that YOU are getting a dog and that your daughter (depending on age and maturity) will *help* with their care.

A well-bred purebred that will at all look like the pictures in breed books and have the temperament that Goldens are famous for and live a long, healthy life without being blind or deaf or crippled is going to run $600-2000 from a reputable breeder. Learn more about how to identify one here: and find referrals from the national parent club here:

Your only other ETHICAL option is to look into a pup from rescue, here is a list of breed-specific rescues: and here is an all-breed rescue listing site where you can search by breed, age, gender, your location, and more:

Call AKC and ask for a reputable breeder in your area. Look to spend roughly $1,000 & up for said breed and another $1,000 - 1,500 annually less emergencies for the next 12 or more years. Source(s): A Brit/Romanian breeder & owner of French Bulls.

You can go to a shelter and find you perfect puppy. They make sure the pups are healthy and non agressive at the shelter. They cost much less than a dog from a breeder which can get up to $2000... shelter dogs are usually less than $500 and youll get the same health.

Look into rescues, my sister has a rescued plott hound and is PERFECT with kids, very patient and loving girl. Adopt, i'm sure there is a perfect dog waiting for you. Or look into adopting those dogs know they've been saved.
Source(s): always have had dogs from shelters

1200-2500 from a reputable breeder. The pup should be purebred, NEVER get a mutt from a BYB/puppy mill.

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